Founded in 2021 by George E Fenwick JR, Ultimate TV Mounting has come a long way from its beginnings in Capitol Heights, MD. When JR, as he’s called by his friends, family and a few clients first started out, his passion for Ultimate TV Mounting competed with his passion for providing superior service to his residents as a Property Manager. One may ask, How? As a property manager with nearly 100 residents, George knew they would get the short end of the stick as Ultimate TV Mounting required more attention. Instead of sticking it out, and letting residents suffer, George chose to resign from Property Management to pursue building Ultimate TV Mounting. While always jolly and in good spirits, JR enjoys “Doing the Most” and it’s glaringly obvious as countless satisfied clients continuously not only share their experiences and request his services repeatedly, they recommend his services to their friends and family. Here at Ultimate TV Mounting, we believe in craftsmanship, attention to detail and that sweet spot between concept and execution.

  • Appreciative

    We understand that many companies offer the same services, when we are chosen, we are forever grateful. We will go the extra mile for our clients to express our appreciation.

  • Professional Team

    We are a professional and transparent team with over 30 combined years of experience mounting TVs.

  • Responsiveness

    With the unpredictability of schedules within the in-home service industry, we have complete control over our responsiveness. We won’t leave you hanging.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    The experience our client has with us is one of the most important aspects of our day-to-day operations. Ultimate TV Mounting applies 100% of its energy to exceed our clients’ expectations and excel in every aspect of Home Entertainment.

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At Ultimate TV Mounting, we care about your project just as much as you do. Sometimes we care more. Choose us because our clients’ experience is an important part of our operation. Choose us because we are responsive and will address your needs timely. Choose us because we bring years of experience, and we are transparent team. Choose us because we will go the extra mile for our clients to show our appreciation. Contact us today for all or your mounting needs.